1.5M Prize for Vanguard Anti Cheat Valorant Bug Inventor!

1.5M Prize for Vanguard Anti Cheat Valorant Bug Inventor!

Riot Games opens a bug bounty program contest on HackerOne (bug hunting platform) to find security vulnerabilities in Vanguard (Anti Cheat Valorant system). Riot Games has prepared fresh funds of USD 100 thousand or around Rp. 1.54 billion to pay people who can find bugs or vulnerabilities in Vanguard that exist in the game Valorant.

This competition was created by Riot Games to get a comprehensive report as well as to test the safety of the Vanguard anti-cheat system in their Valorant game. This bug bounty is open to anyone who has the interest and ability to hack, especially white hat hackers.

Later, hackers who manage to find the Valorant anti-cheat bug in the Vanguard system can report their findings to Riot Games via email [email protected] They will receive prizes ranging from $ 25,000 to $ 100,000 based on their findings.

To demonstrate our commitment to protecting the security of players’ data, we are offering prize money of up to US $ 100 thousand (around Rp1.5 billion) for people who can demonstrate a security flaw in Vanguard,“Said Riot.

If you can help us protect our players and their data by reporting security holes, that means you’re a great person and we want to appreciate it.

Previously, Riot Games seemed too confident about its new security system, called Vanguard. In fact, they once boasted that the Vanguard installed was 100% safe, but in fact, some time ago, Riot Games found Valorant’s first cheater in the closed beta stage using wallhack and aimhack cheats.

1.5 Billion Contest for Valorant Anti Cheat Bug Inventor

The presence of the Vanguard system in the Valorant game seems to prove Riot Games’ assertiveness to cheaters. And of course, as a game developer, Riot Games wants to create justice in playing by taking firm action against players who want to always do bad things like you.

Instead of eradicating cheaters, the presence of Vanguard anti-cheat software has actually created controversy. The system is considered to make the performance of other games down and not maximal when Vanguard is running. The reason is, in addition to having kernel level access from the computer, Vanguard will also be activated immediately when the computer is turned on. Even when this PC game is not played.

1.5 Billion Contest for Bug vanguard Valorant Inventors

In its official page, Riot explains that even though Vanguard has access to the kernel level, this access is not used to collect personal information about users. But it is only used to validate the system and ensure that no player uses an illegal program, aka a cheat.

Riot does not collect unused personal data to ensure the integrity of the games you play,“Said Riot, according to the Euro Gamer report.

Please note, the latest FPS game made by Riot Games is indeed becoming a byword in the gaming community. Apart from being often compared to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), one of the topics that is often discussed is the Valorant anti-cheat system called Vanguard which is said to be able to prevent intruders from entering the game.

Holding a competition with cash prizes through HackerOne to find weaknesses in their games and software is nothing new for Riot, at least this has been done by them for a long time, to be precise since 2014. However, the Valorant game bounty bug specifically for the Vanguard system was the first time they did it. .

How, are you interested in participating in a contest with prizes of 1.5 billion for the bug bounty program held by Riot Games to find security holes in the anti-cheat system of the Valorant game? Don’t forget to read other articles about Valorant weapons and characters. For those of you who don’t want to miss the latest and updated news about games, anime, gadgets and other Esports, stay tuned to Kabar Games.