10 Best Games for Girls on PC & Android (2020)

10 Best Games for Girls on PC & Android (2020)

Who says only guys like to play games? Girls are equally enthusiastic about playing games, especially when there are special games for girls available on PC or Android. Girls can also spend hours solving the most complicated puzzle games, starting car engines, giving the funniest and coolest makeover to their Barbie, setting up new restaurants or even killing opposing soldiers in deadly battles.

For all the hot girls, especially those who are crazy about gaming and fun lovers, Kabar Games has a list of games that are sure to keep you entertained. So, have fun now to play the best games for girls which are cute and cool on PC and Android.

Gems of The Aztecs

Ever wanted to find treasure among the most dangerous times? If you are the type of girl who likes to take risks, yup, this game was created for you. In the ruins of the ancient city, there is a treasure buried deep that a hero needs to find who must prove to the evil father of his lover that he is capable enough for his daughter. Help this hero roam around the ancient ruins and search for his treasure. This PC game has 120 unique levels and three-line thrilling gameplay, girls.

Season Match 4

All girls enjoy puzzle games, right? You can play with guys, just play with the puzzle. You give up. In this newest and exciting game developed by Urse Games, you have to help solve the most difficult and challenging puzzles. An evil raven has attacked the magic kingdom and you have to help restore it. The game features new characters and has exciting new levels. The size of this PC game is only 35 MB and is easy to download.

The Chronicles of Noah’s Ark

You must spend your entire childhood listening to the story of Noah and the Ark that he built. Would you like to help him complete this task? You have a chance now! Help Noah by helping him gather food, wood and most importantly collect animals of every species in the world. The game has 5 unique chapters and great music. Looks like a game for boys, eits, but no, this PC game is for girls only!

Jewel Match Winter Wonderland

Have you ever played the famous Candy Crush? Instead of candy, the Winter Wonderland Jewel Match Game has the most valuable treasure for girls, especially if it’s not jewelry! In this amazing game, align jewels and keep destroying ice boxes. The game you can play on this PC has 150 challenging levels, has an excellent soundtrack and 2 difficulty settings.

Fruit Lockers Reborn

Fruit Lockers Reborn is back with a new unique twist! Having 105 levels, Fruit Lockers Reborn offers innovative 2-layer match-three and crazy bonus items such as bubbles, hammers and fruit blasters. You can easily download the free trial of this PC game and enjoy the cute puzzle games that girls usually love.

Uphill Rush

In this crazy water park simulator game, you’re sure to enjoy great graphics as you race your way through the slides. In this thrilling game full of action, you can take on some crazy stunts in some of the best water parks. This Uphill Rush game requires Android 4.0 or higher specifications.

Girl Games Box

Without a doubt Girl Game Box is the most amazing collection of games for girls available on android for download. This fun game box includes so many games that it will make you tired of playing them all. This game has makeup games, dress up games and cooking games among others. So enjoy this endless list of games for girls that are available in the Girl Games Box.

Dress Up – Princess

Ever wanted to dress like a princess? Kabar Games has a game for you where you can have a character dressed as a real princess. This free android game has 5 beautiful princesses that you can choose from and handsome princes to choose from for them. You can also add your favorite jewelery, add music and have fun taking couple photos. Isn’t it a cute game and a really girl?

Hair Do Design – Girls Game

If there’s one thing a girl likes besides makeup, it’s definitely hair styling! This game allows girls to practice the best hair styling techniques that are different from usual. The game starts with a Spa where you get hair to wash and shampoo.

Furthermore you can give nice changes to your character and third, you can continue to choose the best hairstyle. Kabar Games believes Hair Do Design-Girls Game can easily rank among the best in the list of games for girls because it is cute and definitely a girl!

Nail Salon ™ Manicure Girl Game

Who doesn’t like well-groomed nails? It is a dream for every girl to have beautiful, clean and perfectly maintained nails every time. This game is available for iOS and Android which allows you to polish, polish, and decorate your nails just like you would in a salon. You can cut nails, use different color tones, apply special nail polish and have the most beautiful nails. Apart from that you can take pictures and save them in your gallery too.

So, that was a special game for girls that is cute and challenging on PC and Android for you to complete the mission in the Kabar Games version. If you have recommendations for other games but specifically for girls, don’t hesitate to comment below, Kabar Games will immediately update them if they are included in the funny and challenging game category.