10 Types of Online Gamers in Indonesia, No.  1 Surely Loe!

10 Types of Online Gamers in Indonesia, No. 1 Surely Loe!

Not only is it a means of spending time, but games are also used by many people to reduce stress, make friends or even partners, and there are also those who play games as a livelihood. There are several types and types of gamers that you will often encounter when playing online games.

Have you ever met gamers who often buy expensive skins but don’t have the skills, or male gamers who once meet female gamers become small. The types of games played by gamers are also very diverse with various genres, be it Android offline games or PC online games. So that you can identify the types one by one, this time Kabar Games will share several types of gamers that you can make your attention when playing online games.

Toxic gamer type

This is the most annoying type of gamer, and usually those who belong to this type of gamer are gamers who don’t have skills. Throughout the game he will continue to be noisy from the simplest reasoned lag, not afraid, or threatening to mark the opposing player when in fact he is always dead, dead and dead.

To a very annoying level he would spam radio commands for no apparent reason, saying friends played themselves with the word zoo from A to Z. Gamers like this would only make the game chaotic, which ultimately resulted in difficulty concentrating because of the commotion he made. . Those who belong to this group are usually shunned by other players even if they are good at it.

AFK gamer type

type of online gamer - AFK Player

Apart from being a toxic gamer, this type is no less annoying. If he feels the game is not going well, whether he’s stupid or his team is noob, he will definitely AFK and not continue the game. Even though this is clearly very detrimental to the team in the matches that have been running, the game is not balanced with one player reduction. They only want to play when the game goes according to their expectations. Hope it hurts, bro!

Baperan gamer type

Baperan gamers

This type of gamer is those who cannot relax in playing. It’s okay if you play in ranked, you have to be serious in order to win. But gamers with this type will always be serious in various game modes, where most players are just having fun or are learning the game if not the rank mode. So if someone looks like he can’t play he will be broke and stop playing. Gamers of this type differ only slightly from toxic gamers.

Gamers Type Panic

Gamers Panic

Actually, what is included in this type is between pity and ngeselin. Most gamers who fall into this type are usually those who are beginners. They want to continue playing but they are still confused about playing, so they panic easily and often keep pressing radio commands to ask for support from other players.

If it’s still at a reasonable level, it’s not uncommon for those who are like this to be helped by other players. But if it is too noisy and even always asks for company, let alone angry because they are left alone, this player will be shunned and left until he dies alone, which in the end if he is tired, will be AFK. Well, it actually spreads right?

The Loser

The Loser

Maybe this gamer is simply inexperienced or simply not talented at playing online games. Even when he uses a very strong OP (Over Powered) character, he still loses because he doesn’t have the skills. If it’s like this, usually gamers in this type often blame unpleasant controllers so that opposing players cheat. The point is still he often loses. Usually this loser gamer tends to be toxic, although that is not always the case.

Free gamer type

Free Gamers

Those included in this group are usually 2 kinds of gamers. Those who are really stingy about spending money to be able to buy game items or looking for paid games that are good but cheap, but there are also those who really don’t have money for things like that.

What is played by gamers like this are games that are not paid or free but good, or don’t buy items in the game at all and rely on event events from game developers to get certain items or skins. The other side of gamers is downloading pirated games so they can play their favorite games, this should be avoided because pirated games are vulnerable to being infiltrated by malware and viruses.

Types of Gamers Find Matches

Matchmaking Gamers

Gamers with this type are more concerned with chatting than playing games. He wants to play badly, often loses but if he meets the opposite sex he will approach him. Just to chat or even try to protect him during the game even though it costs him his life.

The goal is none other than so that they can get their contacts and meet in the real world. If you meet someone of the opposite sex and are equally interested, it doesn’t matter. But if you run into a hode account and end up meeting with the same sex, it’s a waste of time, do you want oranges to eat oranges?

Royal gamer type

The Snacks (Royal)

The Sultan is coming, the commoners step aside! Gamers of this type are spending money and very often buy in-game items or skins. They are usually well-established workers who have a lot of money from their income, but it is not uncommon for students to also have more pocket money (from their parents still). Snacks like this usually believe that by buying in-game items, they will be better than those who only rely on free play.

The Questioner

online gamer type - The Questioner

If you are shy of asking questions, you will get lost in your way. But if most ask when is the way? Usually they are beginner gamers who are still new and are adapting to the game being played. So they often ask, what is the strongest item, what build, how to beat the boss, what combo and much more. If he is fast learning it is fine, but if he is slow in learning, then in the end he will fall into the panic gamer class.

Pro gamer type

online gamer type - Pro Player

Now this is the highest caste of all gamers. This type of gamer really dedicates his life to playing the game. They are willing to sacrifice time and often sacrifice their money to be able to play more games than others. Gamers of this type are also well-known among novice gamers, because they often help novice gamers to learn how to play online games.

It’s not the recognition they are after, but pro gamers will get a lot of income from playing games either as esports athletes or getting endorsements from various game-related products, such as laptops, keyboards, mice to gaming smartphones. So for those of you who want to know how to become a pro player, don’t forget to check out other articles from Kabar Games.

Okay, from the many online games that you have played to date, which type of gamer do you think you are now? Hopefully it’s not a annoying gamer, or are you now a pro gamer? Give your opinion. Stay tuned for the latest news about games, gadgets and anime only at Kabar Games.