11 Best Offline Open World Games Like GTA in 2020

11 Best Offline Open World Games Like GTA in 2020

Until now, Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular games of all time, even this GTA game has managed to record 7 world records which make it even more difficult to catch up with other games. This GTA magic is what then made many developers create open world games that can be played offline similar to Grand Theft Auto. But even though they have the same genre, the following games still have their own uniqueness that makes it different from GTA.

Interesting gameplay and also free to do anything outside of the missions that are already available is the core of the open world game. An open world game that can be played offline is the main choice of gamers, because players can spend tens of hours playing this type of game. Well, here are recommendations for the best offline games like GTA with an open world theme that you can play on PC and Android.

The Godfather II (PC)

This game is an adaptation of the popular film of the same title. Carrying the same concept as GTA does not mean The Godfather II doesn’t have its own trademark. These games have their own uniqueness that has earned a lot of compliments from gamers.

In The Godfather II game you can choose a family, and this family will help you solve the missions in the game. You as the main player are required to set a strategy so that the mission you are running can be successful and reach the end point.

Saints Row IV (PC)

In the game Saints Row IV, you will act as The Boss who has two confidants with very good abilities. The Boss, who is assisted by two of his confidants, manages to thwart Cyrus, who plans to fire a missile at Washington DC. The success of this mission then made The Boss the president of the United States 5 years later, but the next big threat awaits. The aliens are planning to invade the earth in a big way!

Bully (PC)

A legendary game that really made an impression on the hearts of gamers in its time, and for this reason Rockstar, who is also the developer of the GTA V game, brings back Bully, which is a legendary game from console to PC with several improvements in the graphics side. Here you will play as Jimmy who has to beat all the gangs who really like to do Bully action at Bullworth Academy. You can use your punches or weapons against bullies

Just Cause 3 (PC)

Here you will be Rico Rodriguez and you can do all the crazy things in Just Cause 3. Your main mission is to free the Republic of Medici people from the hands of the cruel dictator named Sebastiano Di Ravello. This PC offline game is not easy either, for those of you who are just playing open world games it usually takes a few hours to master the Just Cause 3 gameplay.

Red Dead Redemption (PC)

Do you really like GTA but want to experience it in an old setting? Then it’s time for you to try playing Red Dead Redemption. If in GTA you steal a car, then in Red Dead Redemption you will grab a horse. If you are a country lover, then you must play this game. This game also received praise from many gamers, until finally the release of Red Dead Redemption II some time ago.

Mafia II (PC)

The only reason you have to play Mafia II is that you can become a gangster and live a very dangerous life. You will start from a petty criminal until finally you become a respected and dangerous mafia boss. This game, which is very similar to GTA, is set in 1940 with excellent graphics and story quality.

Gangstar Vegas (Android)

For you lovers of a collection of android games, this game from Gameloft is worth playing because of the excellent story and gameplay. The gameplay of this game is very similar to GTA and you will become a gangster who is required to complete existing missions. You are also free to go around the city and do whatever. You are obliged to play this Gangstar Vegas game on Android.

Miami Crime Simulator 2 (Android)

As the name implies, the background of this game is the city of Miami and you are required to complete existing missions. A fairly good presentation makes this game superior when compared to similar games in the Playstore. The controls and movement of the players here are not too difficult so you can definitely master this game quickly.

Los Angeles Crimes (Android)

This open world game is actually an online game, but you can also play this game offline. The advantage of this game is that the character movement is quite smooth and realistic, so when you explore the city and shoot people it will look pretty good and smooth on the screen. But unfortunately, because the main objective of this game is multiplayer, you will not have a mission when playing alone offline.

Sins of Miami Gangster (Android)

The main story of this game is revenge as a gangster for the murder of an innocent family member to the main character in this game. Here you will feel how dangerous it is to be a gangster and you have to live it all. An interesting story and a very large city make players feel at home for a long time playing this game.

LA Stories 4 (Android)

Have you ever played LA Stories? Then you must play the 4th series of this game, namely LA Stories 4. This game has no difference in gameplay compared to the previous series, but there are significant differences in the missions that must be carried out. All the games in this game are pretty good, but unfortunately the controls are a bit lacking.

So that’s a recommendation from Kabar Games if you are looking for an open world offline game like GTA that you can play on PC and Android. Which is your favorite? Or do you have your own choice? Give your comment. Stay tuned for the latest news about games and anime only at Kabar Games.