12 Free PC Game Download Sites in 2020 (Pirated)

12 Free PC Game Download Sites in 2020 (Pirated)

Playing games is fun. Especially if the game is obtained from the best sites for offline PC game download providers or online full version for free and fast. Whatever your wish, all can be fulfilled. Whether as entertainment after studying all day at school or undergoing a busy office routine, playing Android offline or online games is a long-awaited activity.

In this day and age, downloading a game from the internet is common. However, finding a reliable download site is very difficult. Many cases when the game has finished downloading, it turns out that the file is incomplete or even an error. Therefore, accuracy is needed such as sewing kebaya, for example, so that the downloaded PC online game can run as we want.

Talking about the legal and illegal (pirated) aspects of downloading something, especially a game, is still a matter of controversy. But in the end, it wasn’t a problem. Because, a pleasure should be free and not paid. The following is a list of recommendations for the 12 best sites to download free online or offline games on PC completely and quickly.


If you are a PC game lover, it would be better if you visit this website. There are hundreds of the most popular online games on PC that you can download for free and the most important thing is the games available on the Hienzo site, you can be sure to get the full version.

It’s a bit difficult to download the game. Because, the games provided are downloaded from various file hosting such as tusfiles, microcreator etc. However, don’t worry, because Hienzo’s website also provides procedures for downloading the game, along with images and steps.

If you are bored with PC games and want to try other types of games, this website also provides playstation games and psp games as well as other emulator games. For the appearance of the website, Hienzo’s site itself is very simple and neat, equipped with instructions such as a guide on how to install the game to contact the admin to report any game errors.


PC game download site - Bagas31

For gamers, the name of this website sounds quite familiar, right? Bagas31 is one of the best site choices for downloading and cracking free and full version PC games in full. There are various kinds of software collections that can be downloaded from the Bagas31 site, ranging from audio video software, the best Android games, the internet, to multimedia complete with cracks and how to download them.

In terms of appearance, the Bagas31 website is quite interactive, displaying the latest software on the main part of the web. Then it provides a panel that contains the warmest or most downloaded software menu each week, allowing people to know what software is booming. In addition, Bagas31 is also free or clean from pop up ads when the site loads for the first time.

Lake Games

PC game download site - Lake Games

The Tasik Game site is not a favorite site for game lovers, however, what’s wrong with visiting this website and looking at the catalog. The Tasik Game site itself has hundreds of game software that are ready to be downloaded, ranging from light PC games to PS1 games complete with download procedures.

Unfortunately, Tasikgame only provides foreign-made games that can be downloaded for free, and specifically for games made in Indonesia, Tasik Game sets prices if you are interested in downloading them. On the other hand, the appearance of the Tasik Game site seems very minimalist, with a combination of black and red and white dominance as the background, making Tasik Game like the site it is. The advertisements that appear are also somewhat annoying to visitors to this site.

Giga Purbalingga

Giga Purbalingga

Next up is the Giga Purbalinga site. As the name suggests, this website is an original product made by the city of Purbalinga. This website is one of the legendary sites in Indonesia when it comes to downloading software or games offline or online, be it PC or console.

In accordance with the tagline, namely “Free Download Software and Games Full Version“, Giga Purbalinga provides thousands of software and games ready to download, complete with cracks and versions from year to year, even the newest ones. In fact, Giga Purbalinga also offers tutorials such as tutorials on downloading games to tutorials on operating software.

Because it is a legendary site, Giga Purbalinga is very good in terms of website appearance. Where the color combination shown seems “cool” and easy on the eyes. Even so with the menus on this site, they are neatly arranged and easy to find. Not to forget, there is also a list of software or games available up to date.


pc game download site - skidrow

PC game lovers really need to know this site. Because Skidrow is one of the most complete and free paid game download sites that provides a large selection of full version, reloaded, offline & online PC games, even RIP. The appearance of this site looks serious thanks to the choice of black as the dominant color and the war game image as the background adding to the action impression of this site.

Although there are various game genres offered by Skidrow, this site is not updated well enough so it doesn’t provide very good features up to date for its visitors. In addition, another shortcoming of Skidrow is that there are too many pop up ads that appear when we open this site.

Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games

This website is almost similar to Skidrow, where there are many full version PC games, up to the complete and varied RIP provided and can be downloaded for free. This site developed by a software company from England called Ocean Software, provides a connection feature through a community forum where all players can meet new people and chat, even when playing games.

This website also provides features that can challenge other players automatically, whether friends or strangers who happen to be online at the same time, so that it can increase the fun of playing to the maximum level, it’s fun, of course, right?

The advantage of Ocean of Games is the lack of advertisements that appear when opening this website so that it adds to our comfort when hunting for PC games to download. However, the drawback of Ocean of Games is that some individuals use community forums to harass and harm other players and there is no serious action taken by Ocean of Games on this problem.



For this one site, you should try to visit it. Because ApunkaGames provides many full version PC games and complete RIPs that can be downloaded for free. There are also next gen games to light PC games. One thing that distinguishes ApunkaGames from other offline or online game download sites is that we can quickly find games that are light enough for our computers or laptops.

ApunkaGames makes mediafire as a place to store their games, so the download speed of each game is not in doubt. For how to download, they also provide tutorials using a video and writing which will certainly make it easier for you.

Ova Games

PC game download site - Ova Games

Ova Games is arguably one of the older pirated game distribution websites. The Ova Games site itself provides various game genres from PC action games to visual novel games that you can download and play offline or online.

One of the advantages of Ovagames is the Facebook fan page that they attach to their own website to interact with its users, which deals with what game requests to upload later to help gamers solve problems during game installation or website visits.

Cracked Game

Cracked Game

On this website we are not only able to download a game. However, we can also download a cracked software for free. The advantage of Wewbsites Cracked Game is the Chat feature that is directly connected to Discord. In terms of PC appearance, this website is quite serious, where we can see a modern catalog compared to other free offline and online game download websites. It’s just that there are still pop up ads that interfere with comfort when opening this website.

Blackbox Repack

BlackBox Repack

If you want to find new games and up to date, this site is the answer. Blackbox Repack provides various genres of PC games complete with rules that you must read if you want to download games from this site. Too many pop up ads is one of the drawbacks of this website. Visitors will find it difficult to distinguish between a download link and an ad link.

Origin Game

Origin games

The next site on the list for free and fast PC game downloads and full versions, be it offline or online, is Origin Game. Origin game is the host of the latest online games today. There are many premium games that can be downloaded for free on this site. Therefore, if you want classic and premium games, this website is a must-visit. You can even download movies for free from this site.

RG Mechanics Games

RG Mechanics Games

The founder of this site is a woman. So it is certain that the games available on this website are mostly anime nuances. If you are a fan of the best anime, it’s a must to visit this site. Apart from games with anime nuances, on the RG Mechanics Games site you can also find current updated games that you can’t find on some other sites.

Finally, those are some recommendations for the best and free online or offline PC game download sites and the full version that we summarize quickly, but remember these are pirated. Actually, from one website to another website is the same in terms of the completeness of the games provided. However, each website has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as the number of advertisements that appear to the convenience provided for downloading a game.