13 Best & Latest PC Online Games 2020 For #DirumahAja!

13 Best & Latest PC Online Games 2020 For #DirumahAja!

2020 seems to be a good year for gamers. How not, in 2020 there will be many new online games, especially the best games released for the PC platform. As one of the best platforms that still has a loyal base, PC continues to get more attention from the best game developers in the world.

The proof is that this platform is still flooded with new games that are only released on computers and not on other platforms such as consoles. Well, if you are getting bored with the best online games available today, don’t worry, Games News has prepared a list of the latest PC online games in 2020 that will make you just feel at home when the corona virus pandemic hits.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

One of the games that is quite busy being discussed in 2020 is Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Bandai Namco Entertainment as Develop officially released Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on January 17. This Action RPG (Role-playing Game) genre game still carries the same story, which focuses on the figure of Goku who fights to protect the earth from various threats from rioters who come insistently. As well as the Dragon Ball search process.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the characters are not only required to fight. But also do other activities like a human, such as doing exercises, eating and even fishing. What’s interesting in this open world game is that there is a mod that can present a swan character who is known to be very stubborn and annoying.

The goose is a character in the Untitled Goose game. The difference is, in this game, the stubborn goose character has the super abilities that Son Goku and Vegeta have. Like flying using a kinton cloud, running fast, until it releases a ki blast.

Playing a game with a super fast game tempo and carrying an open-world concept certainly requires computer specifications that are not light. To get maximum quality, at least you have to prepare the best gaming PC with the following specifications:

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot PC specifications

  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3470 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 960 or Radeon R9 280X
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 40 GB available space

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Since its inception, Monster Hunter World has experienced an increase in the number of gamers globally. In order to support progress, the developer continues to make massive innovations. Now the innovation being made is by updating the addition of monsters that you can face later.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is an update from the regular Monster Hunter World series. This update has already launched for PC game users on Steam. For those of you who want to try this game, you should first prepare qualified skills and equipment.

This is so you can complete difficult quests. The more difficult the quest you complete, the better the prizes you will get. To become a strong Hunter you must have good weapons. You don’t need to bring your own weapon (you can’t really) because this game has provided many types of weapons, both close and long distances. Each – each weapon also has its own characteristics.

Warcraft III: Reforged

The one waiting has finally been released. Yes, finally Warcraft III Reforged launched on January 29, 2020 yesterday. This game made by Blizzard Entertainment is only available for PC. A little reminder that Warcraft III Reforged is a renewal of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne.

The name alone is an update, there must be something new that is presented. For the Warcraft III Reforged series, Blizzard claims to be updating in several aspects. Like graphics, audio, to add interesting features. An update from the multiplayer side (multiplayer matchmaking) allows players to be able to fight with other players online. While the World Editor and Custom Maps features allow players to build maps according to what they want.

Marvel’s Avengers

Not only limited to movies and comics, now Marvel’s characters are present in the form of games. As the name suggests, this game is adapted from the Marvel superhero world, especially the Avengers. Taking the action-adventure genre, this multiplayer and single player game by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montréal can be accessed offline and online.

Meanwhile, the maximum multiplayer option can only be played by four people (the fifth person makes the team hurray). For matters of appearance, Marvel’s Avengers is also not stingy with costumes. There are various costume and abilities options that you can upgrade using the skill tree in the game.

Cyberpunk 2077

Since the trailer was uploaded to YouTube last year, many gamers have been waiting for the release of the Cyberpunk 2077 game. This is because this RPG game tells the story of a future life in 2077. Just do it first, the 2020 target of adding more boyfriends has not yet been accomplished.

In this game the developer picks up the main character named V, a mercenary who is looking for an implant that is said to be the key to achieving immortality. The results of the whispering of neighbors, reportedly the purpose of this game was made so that players can feel the negative side of the futuristic world. How do you mean? I have no idea.

Half-Life: Alyx

Have you seen the trailer on YouTube? If not, you better read on! Half-Life: Alyx is a virtual reality (VR) game. This game itself is a continuation of one of the legendary video game series, Half-Life. Carrying a VR system, Half-Life: Alyx is designed to be used on all VR PC devices. That way players can interact with the surrounding environment, and can use “gravity gloves” to eradicate enemies by manipulating objects.

In this version, Half-Life: Alyx brings many updates by maintaining old features that can still be relied on. This game made by Valve seems to be focused on developing graphics, this can be seen from the comparison of the appearance which is much better than Half-Life 2.

Doom Eternal

DOOM Eternal is not much different from online adventure games on most PCs. It’s just that what distinguishes it from the previous series is the platforming process. In the past, platforming was practically limited, but now players are required to have technical skills. Not just jumping, players also have to think about the right direction and timing.

The change in the concept of DOOM Eternal also brings changes to the abilities of Doom Slayer. There are at least two new abilities that Doom Slayer has. First, Doom Slayer is equipped with a Double-Dash system with a short cooldown time. With the Double-Dash allows him to avoid enemy attacks quickly.

Second, like Nathan Drake in Uncharted or Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Reboot, now Doom Slayer can also grip certain terrain. Of course, this ability makes it easier to move to a new location.

Apex Legends

Not so famous but fun to play, that’s Apex Legends. In our country, Apex Legends is not as popular as other battle royale games. Even though its existence is said to threaten the popularity of its predecessor, Fortnite. Just imagine, in just 8 hours after its release, Apex Legends managed to gather one million players.

According to the results of research by the Kabar Games Institute, there were 3 advantages of Apex Legends that made it surpass Fortnite. First, because Apex Legends limits the number of players, only 60 player slots are available in one match. Fortnite can be up to 100 players (obviously complicated).

Second, Apex Legends allows players to collect several components which can then be transferred to weapons at once. Finally, Apex Legends cut off online communication between players on the PC which was usually provided and hindered the battle royale game play itself via a gaming headset.

Overwatch 2

As you might have guessed, Overwatch 2 is included in the list of the best PC games in 2020 that can be played online because it brings out the latest characters and game modes, namely PvE and PvP. Based on the footage in 2019, Blizzard as the developer ensures that Overwatch 2 will have a new hero.

The new character is none other than Sojourn, a figure depicted as a dark-skinned Canadian woman with a Hand Cannon. In this game, each character will be equipped with a background. You can choose according to the role you want, basically each team will consist of six heroes.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

This is the newest online game that is truly created for VR and PC users. How not, unlike The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners offers up to 15 hours of gameplay. This game that is said to be quite brutal by Steam will look more realistic, because players are given the opportunity to make their own decisions that will be faced. Like their jargon, make up your own story or drama.

DOTA 3: Reign of Chaos

This doesn’t need to be discussed at length, yes, because gamers around the world must already know about this PC online game. Dota 3 is a graphics and system upgrade from DOTA 1: Defense of the Ancients. At the age of 7 years, one of the most popular games in the world is still in demand.

The gameplay is more or less the same as other MOBA games, the point is war! Well, what’s interesting is that Dota 3 offers an opportunity for those of you who want to know how to become a pro player. The trick is to take part in large-scale international tournaments that will be held by Dota 2.


The newest and best PC online game in 2020 is not far from Battle-Royale and survival. The difference is if your PUBG as a player, you just have to enjoy all the objects and environment facilities provided. But at Fortnite, you built the environment yourself. Yup, players are required to be creative in building objects needed to protect themselves such as buildings, stairs, etc. Looks more fun, right?

Destiny 2

If you are looking for a free RPG game with an interesting story, you should aim for Destiny 2. Free? Yes, why? In celebration of the PC version of Destiny 2’s birthday, Bungie Studio as the developer decided to provide services for free. This free of charge was made after Bungie stayed at Activision, who used to be his business partner.

The free service provided by this PC online game is a basic version, without the latest Forsaken DLC. Despite the various shortcomings in it, Destiny 2 is still a game offering beautiful graphics.

If you want to play the exciting games above, you should first check the specifications of this game. Is your computer strong or not? If strong, immediately gaspol! If not, please trade in first, or check out the list of cheap PC gaming versions of Kabar Games. How, it’s quite interesting to try the list of the latest and best PC online games above? Stay tuned for the latest and updated news about games, anime and gadgets only at Kabar Games.