17 Best & Most Complete Valorant Weapons + Price List

17 Best & Most Complete Valorant Weapons + Price List

Some time ago Riot Games announced the emergence of Valorant as their newest FPS PC game. The game Valorant, which is predicted to be the best challenger to Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), is said to have quite a variety of types, characters and weapon prices.

You could say Valorant is a combination of Overwatch and CS: GO. The reason is, in addition to appearing with Heroes Shooter gameplay with a variety of characters and special skills like Overwatch, Valorant also has weapon characteristics similar to one of the best CS: GO shooter games.

So for those of you who are very, very curious and really want to know what types of rifles will be present in this PC game, here is a list of the best weapons in the game Valorant complete with a price list.

Marshall (1,100 Creds)

The first weapon in the Valorant game is Marshall. This weapon, which is priced at 1,100 Creds, is efficient enough to kill enemies. The reason is, Marshall allows you to take one shot to the enemy’s head. Not only that, if you have armor then you have the speed to shoot and run so you can shoot again.

Bulldog (2,100 Creds)

Best Valorant Weapon - Bulldog

Even though it has the same name as a bulldog type dog, the rifle does not have fangs like a dog. Bulldog is an automatic weapon that has a burst rifle mode when you look down. This weapon that can be relied upon during this battle is sold for 2,100 Creds, cheaper than Rifles.

Vandals (2,900 Creds)

Best Valorant Weapon - Vandal

Vandals are one of the weapons that many players hunt. The reason is, apart from having high damage-per-bullet, Vandal also has very little damage fall off. That means Vandals are very effective at eliminating enemies and mastering the game. The Vandal is priced at 2,900 Creds. quite cheap yes.

Phantom (2,900 Creds)


Phantom has the ability to shoot faster than Vandal. This weapon also includes submissive weapons, aka easy to control. No wonder the Phantom is the player’s target weapon. Just like the Vandals, this Panthom rifle is priced at 2,900 Creds.

Guardian (2,700 Creds)


If you are a calculating type of gamer you should not buy this weapon. Why? because besides the price (2,700 Creds) which is much more expensive than Marshall, this type of rifle has little damage. Just imagine, it is expensive, the impact of the damage is small. What’s worse, the Guardian will only shoot once every time you click, so you have to be really accurate in shooting if you don’t want to lose.

Operator (4,500 Creds)


This is the most expensive rifle and is one of the best weapons in the Valorant game. This sniper weapon sells for 4,500 Creds. Operators are one of the deadliest weapons, because no matter how small your shot hits the enemy (except for your feet), you can be sure that your enemy’s body will immediately collapse, even if your enemy has armor. The Sultan’s son must have this!

Shorty (200 Creds)


Shorty is in the form of a long barrel, this cheap weapon that costs 200 Creds you can use to knock out enemies from close range in one shot. If you do long-range combat, you should throw this weapon away, because this weapon becomes useless if used to fight from a distance.

Frenzy (400 Creds)


As an automatic, the Frenzy can only deal low damage per bullet to your opponent, but this weapon is the only pistol that is effective against a crowd of two or three enemies. This rifle itself is sold at a very cheap price, which is 400 Creds.

Ghost (500 Creds)


As the name suggests, this demonic weapon is very scary. How not, Ghost has great damage with a precise shot. Besides that, this demon also has a fairly high burst speed. Isn’t that awful? Although dangerous, Ghost is not a smart weapon like demons in general, this weapon has poor accuracy. Therefore Ghost only sells for 500 Creds.

Sheriff (800 Creds)


Sheriff is a smart gun that has the ability to kill one-shot which is very terrible if it hits the head of the enemy (basically will die if hit by the head). This slow but lethal shot pistol is sold at a modest price of 800 Creds.

Stinger (1,000 Creds)


The Stinger sells for 1,000 Creds. In accordance with the price, Stinger is intended for those of you who want to save bullets, because Stinger has a lot of bullet deposits. Unfortunately, Stinger is known to be inaccurate and has little damage. Well, there is a price!

Specter (1,600 Creds)


This weapon can provide pretty good damage to enemies in the Valorant game, especially getting headshots when used at close range and right on target on the opponent’s head. The Specter rifle itself is sold at 1,600 Creds, which is still relatively cheap considering its capabilities.

Bucky (900 Creds)


This rifle is indeed slow in spewing bullets but has a high enough damage. Bucky is best used when you are in close proximity to an enemy player. In other words, Bucky will be very effective when used at close range. Bucky sells for 900 Creds.

Judge (1,500 Creds)

Best Valorant Weapon - Judge

This automatic rifle is priced at a fairly competitive price of 1,500 Creds. This automatic rifle that can shoot very quickly is very worthy for you to be your mainstay weapon in judging enemies on the battlefield, as long as you don’t run out of bullets.

Ares (1,700 Creds)

Best Valorant Weapon - Judge

Players with the contents of Patimura’s wallet carrying a machete are highly recommended to have this weapon. Priced at 1,700 Creds, Ares is known to be very fast at firing a large number of his bullets at one time, so you can use this weapon as a replacement rifle in the game Valorant.

Odin (3,200 Creds)

Best Valorant Weapon - Odin

Odin can be one of the best weapons in the Valorant game because he has the ability to defend a bomb site and shoot bullets simultaneously at the same time. This Odin weapon sells for 3,200 Creds. The price is quite expensive, but worth it, right?

Rifles (2,700 Creds)

Rifles are known as weapons that can immobilize an enemy in just one shot, the condition is that they hit the opponent’s head (miss count). This type of rifle is priced at 2,700 Creds. Apart from the shortcomings, Rifles deserve to be your superior weapon.

So that’s a list of the best and most complete weapons in the game Valorant and their prices. Make sure you have the featured rifles on top. Don’t forget to also read about the characters in the Valorant game. Stay tuned for the latest and updated news about games, anime and other esports only at Kabar Games.