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2 Ways to Make Cool and Professional Business Cards in Word

Before I give a guide on how to make a cool and professional business card. I want to give a little insight for all techno friends.

Now we have entered the era of technology, where we can easily access and search for information, starting from smartphones, social media, and the internet. So, is a business card still important?

Hey, is it still important or not? Hehehe

It is true, technology that is very advanced as it is today has changed many habits of people around the world. From the very beginning, everything in physical form slowly but surely began to go to digital which can be accessed via gadgets.

Even so, it turns out that business cards are still quite important. Besides being used for personal branding purposes, it can also be used as a quite powerful promotional medium.

Then, how do you make a business card that is easy but still looks cool and professional? You can read all the answers below.

How to Make a Business Card in Word

In making business cards, if you don’t understand how to use Photoshop, Corel Draw, or other editor software. I suggest not to force yourself, because in addition to the editor software I have mentioned, you can easily create business cards with the help of Microsoft Word.

No less cool and professional, it is even perfect for those of you who are making business cards for the first time. Just use the Microsoft Word you have on your computer.

1. Using Tables in Microsoft Word

The way to make the first business card is to use a table. Here are the steps.

As a professional, you are required to have a lot of skills. Check out the following guide about how to make a chart, convert word to PDF, and create a watermark.

2. Using a template in Microsoft Word

If you think the first method is too simple and simple, you can use a business card template available in Microsoft Word. Here are the steps.

Personally, I prefer to use the second method in creating templates in Microsoft Word. Because it doesn’t require high creativity to make it, because the background and template are provided and we only need to fill it in.

Do you want to create a simple and cool organizational structure? Please read how to create an organizational structure in Word.

I think the two methods above are more than enough in making such a cool and professional business card. If you are still not satisfied, you can use editor software such as Corel Draw, Photoshop, Canva, and so on.

That’s the information I can convey about how to make cool and professional business cards in Word. Hopefully the above guide can be of use to you and thank you for reading this article until the end. That’s all and help share!