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4 Ways to Check Original or Fake OPPO HP, So You Don’t Buy a Used HP Wrong

When you want to buy a second or used OPPO cellphone, it doesn’t hurt to check its condition first so you don’t get fooled by fake goods. Therefore, you must apply the OPPO cellphone check method which we will share below.

Checking genuine or fake OPPO cellphones (KW, Replicas, and Copies) is indeed tricky. You see, the case on an OPPO cellphone that can be replaced with a new one can trick you when you want to buy it because you are tempted by a new casing.

In addition to the condition of the casing and completeness, before buying a cellphone, you should also check all the components. OPPO itself provides a secret code that is very useful for testing hardware components.

Besides being used to check the condition of your smartphone, you can also use several codes to check the authenticity of OPPO. That way, you can find out whether the OPPO cellphone you want to buy is really genuine, not fake, kw, replica or imitation goods.

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How to Check Original or Used OPPO HP

Here are some ways to check for genuine or fake OPPO cellphones. Please choose the most suitable and easy way to do it. Good luck!

1. How to check OPPO cellphones with secret codes

You can use a secret code or so-called Engineer Mode to check your OPPO cellphone. Here are the steps.

  • Please tap on call / dial pad.
  • Then type the code * # 800 #.
  • After you enter the code, you will automatically enter Engineer Mode. That’s where you can test various components.
  • The next step is to carefully test all the menus. The menu is divided into several categories making it easier for you to test it. Usually, if one of the programs has a problem, the test will crash or not be optimal.

2. Check with the IMEI Code

IMEI is a unique number that is densely populated on each cellphone device that functions as a cellphone identity and is recognized internationally. By knowing the IMEI number, you can be 100% sure that the cellphone you want to buy is genuine and official, not a fake cellphone. kw, replica, or imitation.

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3. See Battery Condition

Have you ever seen a bulging battery condition or the slang “battery pregnant“? If so, you should not decide to buy it because the battery is damaged.

With such conditions, of course it will result in the OPPO cellphone that you want to buy will be easy to low bat. It’s good, to buy another used cellphone, there must be something better.

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4. Perform Booting Manually

The next step to check the OPPO cellphone is to boot it manually. The trick is to remove all components such as Sim Card, Battery (if removable), and memory card.

Then, after half an hour, you plug it back in and turn on the phone. You can observe how long it takes to boot. If it boots a long time, there is a high chance that something is wrong with the phone.

That is the information we can convey to you, how to check for genuine or fake OPPO cellphones so that you don’t buy the wrong version Teknobaik. Hopefully this information can be useful for all of you.