9 Games That Make Real Money Without Capital in 2020

9 Games That Make Real Money Without Capital in 2020

Games that generate real money are indeed sought after by gamers to increase their coffers of assets, especially if they can be without capital in 2020. Nowadays, accessing games that offer money is quite easy. However, most games, which offer cash and other prizes, come in the form of money-making apps and / or mobile games.

Although rare, money-making web games are also available. Kabar Games is able to summarize at least 9 sites that can increase your coffers of money and / or assets. What game recommendations have been included in the list that Kabar Games has collected? Are you curious? This is a list of games that make real money without capital in 2020 that Kabar Games has summarized.

Market Glory

Market Glory is a game with the best strategy game genre without capital that allows players to make real money from converting their virtual currency into real money. Market Glory is a web game, so players don’t need to install again. This money-making web game is one of the many games that appreciate the daily activities of its players.

Apart from being a strategy game, this game is also included in the simulation genre that offers its players several gameplay such as working, fighting, creating companies, and also fighting. This web game is one of the games that is quite complex to play. However, this game is quite addicting because the more you play it, the more options will appear to improve yourself which makes you reluctant to take a break from the game.

Exodus 3000

Exodus 3000 games

Exodus Web Game has been around since 2006. Game Exodus 3000 is a multiplayer game with a strategy & RPG genre. In this money-making game, players can have fun exploring the game’s territory, forging alliances and destroying enemies. To be able to play this game, players do not need installation with additional software. Like a web game, players only need to create a browser, register themselves, then play.

Once you are in the game, you will immediately get Mars Dollars by mining volcanoes, looking for ruins, and attacking other players. The virtual currency in this game can be used to purchase item upgrades and other interesting items. The Exodus 3000 will be easily enjoyed by gamers who love MMORPG, Role-Playing Games, MUD, and multiplayer strategy games such as dungeons and dragons.

In this game, there are chat rooms and forums that make the game even more fun because you will easily interact with new people. By joining the Exodus 3000, you will get 5000 Mars Dollars for free. Registration is only about one minute, after which, you can immediately play. Since 2006, Exodus 3000 has paid players $ 65,000.00. To be able to make real money and get lots of attractive prizes from this game, players must be good at attacking, defending, upgrading and also forming alliances, absolutely without capital!

Golden Towns

GoldenTowns Game

The Golden Towns Web Game has been around since 2012. This game is a free online game that can be played directly via a browser such as Google Chrome. In this game, players are presented with city-building, political, and military simulators. The virtual gold in the game can be exchanged for real money.

In the Golden Towns game there are only 100,000 gold in circulation, all of which are 100% backed up with 1000 grams of 24 carat gold. So far, the Golden Towns website claims to have paid players € 124,126.

Dungeons & Treasures

Dungeons & Treasures Making Money Game

Dungeons & Treasures is an online adventure game genre that can make players win real money and prizes. You can win gold by finding chests in the dungeon and by playing different games on the site. Each month, game characters are reset to zero and the gold won is converted into virtual currency. This currency can be exchanged into euros.

You can exchange DT $ into euros when your virtual currency has reached 5 DT $. Every 1 DT $ is equivalent to 0.70 euros. It is recommended to play bonus games such as Treasure Hunt, Jackpot, Contest Quest, Jousts, and others to get more gold. In this web game, you can become a sponsor for friends.


Pogo Web Game

For beginners, one of these real money making gaming sites is not like a gaming website as the players are faced with lots of advertisements to see in the first five days after registering. These ads are not only for viewing, but as a place to collect tokens.

Later, this token is used to participate in the games that have been provided on this site. In this web game, there is a daily raffle that gives the winner as much as $ 10,000. The more you play on this site, the greater the chances of getting money.

Paid Game Player

Game Paid Game Player

Paid Game Player site is a game website that makes real money without capital by playing simple online games and is loved by casual game lovers. After you register on this site, as many as 600 games are available to be played. However, you must be 18 years or older to be able to play this game. The games available in this game are arcade games, puzzles, and others.

Second Life

Second Life Web Game

If you’ve ever played Sims, Second Life is the right game for you to play. Second Life allows its players to be able to get real money from the game. You can make money by optimizing the features in Second Life.

In this game, players can earn money by selling fashion items, household furniture, renting out real estate, creating playgrounds, nightclubs and more for other players. The currency in Second Life is Linden Dollars. By exchanging this virtual currency, you can get real dollars. You can become a billionaire through this game by selling digital items.


Sitago Web Game

The Sitago site has many games that are suitable for players who have high playing skills. Sitago offers its competitors a variety of fun ways to play and win money at the same time, it’s quite interesting isn’t it.

Here, only highly skilled ones can win and make money. This site is not for players who rely on hockey. The prizes given on this site are not only money, there are also other prizes and various digital awards.


Bananatic Money Making Game

The Bananatic game website offers tons of games to play and win. Winning in games on this site results in bananas prizes. Later, in this game, these bananas can be exchanged for various kinds of gifts, gift cards, steam credits, and others that can generate real money. You who are still in school can make money through games from anywhere without the need to go to a fixed location.

A total of 9 web games that make real money without capital in 2020 have been described above. Is there something that interests you, or a web game that is not yet on the list? Comment below! Don’t forget to also share this article if you like, and also look forward to other online game news discussions only at Kabar Games!