Cheat Engine (CE): How to Download APK & Use on PC

Cheat Engine (CE): How to Download APK & Use on PC

One of the software that is familiar to gamers is the cheat engine or usually in short with the word CE. Especially for those of you who really like using cheats. Cheat engine (CE) is one of the software that the APK can be downloaded and functions to make your game easier, where the specialty of this cheat can be used for all games without exception and how to use it is not too difficult.

Indeed, using this software is a bit time-consuming, but you can change everything without limits, including weapons and your character’s life. The main function of the Cit Engine application is to change the hex value contained in the game which has an impact on increasing abilities in the game.

Cheat Engine Software Features

This software can be used in various games including trending games. like Devil May Cry 5 and others. You can make the orb value unlimited. Because this software is a hex, then you can do any cheat according to the hex value you entered.

If you use this cheat engine in online games, you can use it without being caught by other players because there is a masking feature. Not only used for PC games, but you can also use it for browser games. This versatile and multifunctional software is actually very easy to download and the memory size is only 17MB. This software can be used on all computer devices.

In using the cheat engine you don’t need to use any additional software anymore, just games and software. But to make it easier to use, Kabar Games recommends changing the game settings from full screen to windowed in order to make it easier to move from the game to the cheat engine simultaneously, as well as make the hex search easier.

Download link Cheat Engine APK

Name Specification
Latest Version v 7.0 (Windows) / v 6.2 (Mac)
Requires Windows / Mac
Developer Open Source
Category Tools
File Size 16.98MB
Link Download
Official Website CheatEngine

How to Use Cheat Engine

how to use Cheat Engine 1

Indeed, unlike other software that is easy to use, using the cheat engine (CE) is a little more complicated. Unlike other software that is usually ready to use with one click, to use this software you must know about hex. The following are the steps

Open the game that you are going to play by using a cheat, play it up to the number or part you want to change. In this example, Kabar Games will use Final Fantasy XIII as an example. In this section we will try to edit the number of Fortisol items, as shown in the picture above.

Open the Cheat Engine software that the APK was previously downloaded, make sure the Final Fantasy XIII game is still open. Because if it doesn’t open, what do you want to edit? Find the Final Fantasy XIII file that is in the process list, when you find it, you can click open to enter the program.

how to use cheat engine 3

Open the computer image icon then you can change the hex number in the value column as desired and you can cheat to change the number according to what you want.

how to use cheat engine 4

Benefits of Using a Cheat Engine

It turns out that using a game cheat application in the game has its benefits too. What are the benefits of using this software? Here’s the explanation.

  • Reduces stress: The goal of playing the game is of course for fun. If you keep losing at playing, then you will become stressed. With this software, you can reduce stress.
  • Buy expensive weapons: With this cheat you can get anything even though it’s expensive, no need to spend money You can get the dream weapon.
  • Cut playing time: To win a game will certainly take a long time, but if you don’t have that much time then using CE can speed up your victory.

Cheat Engine Alternative Application

Apart from the cheat engine (CE) there are many other applications that you can use to play “cheating” in a game. Here are some examples of applications:

  • WeMod

    • This application fits all Windows games, and is easy to use. You just select the cheat you want, then click. You can use it now.
  • Game Guardian

    • This Game Guardian application is similar to the cheat engine (CE), but this application is made for android. Besides being easier, this application is also lightweight.
  • Freedom

    • Still from game cheats for android, this application is easy to use and you can get the weapon of your dreams with one click.
  • Creehack

    • You can shop for all the things in the game for free, using this application is also very easy so you don’t have to bother learning it.
  • Lucky Patcher

    • In addition to Android games, this application can also be applied in various other Android applications. Using this application is much easier than the cheat engine.

That is the meaning, benefits and how to use the cheat engine (CE) and the APK download link. And it turns out that there are many more cheat applications that can help you win the game easily, right? Stay tuned for the latest news about games, anime and gadgets only at Kabar Games.