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Complete! How to Easily Create Organizational Charts in Word

If you’re tasked with creating an organizational structure, you don’t need to be confused anymore. This is because, I will make a complete guide on how to create an organizational structure in Microsoft Word.

Why Microsoft Word? If you have read previous posts about Understanding Microsoft Word. Surely you no longer need to ask this question. Microsoft Word is very simple to modify at will, so creating an organizational structure is very easy.

Most of the people think that the organizational structure is made with graphic applications such as Corel Draw or Photoshop. Yes, it’s not wrong either because the application can be used for this.

And a small number of people still don’t know about how to create an organizational structure using Microsoft Word. Even though it’s very easy, for that, consider the following review.

To become more proficient in using Microsoft Word, you must have skills make a chart and create a table in Word.

How to Create an Organizational Structure in Word

Before starting to the main discussion, I inform you first that in creating an organizational structure in Word I use SmartArt Features. One of the features that is quite complete is because it contains simple graphic forms, including hierarchical models that are often used in making organizational structures.

Oh yes, for those of you who want to create an organizational structure. It’s good to already have a framework on paper or something to make it easier to create an organizational structure.

If so, please refer to the explanation below in creating an organizational structure using Microsoft Word.

1. Please open Microsoft Word first. On this occasion, I am using the 2010 version. But take it easy, all versions can be used in creating an organizational structure.

2. Once open, look at the top memu, click the tab Insert then click again SmartArt.

3. In the new window, please select an option Hierarchy then select the format most appropriate for your organization or company. If you have clicked OK.

4. Next, please add the text according to what you need. You do this by clicking the column containing the words “Text“.

Changing Models, Colors, Columns, Organizational Structure

By default, the organizational structure displays in Word as above. It’s a bit monotonous and boring, therefore I suggest you edit it to make it more interesting.

1. Changing the Model Structure
You can see the method in the section Smartstyles. In that column, you can change the organizational structure model to be more interesting.

2. Change Color
Still on the part Smartstyles, please click on the menu Change Color and change the color to your liking to make it more attractive.

3. Adding Columns
If you feel that the column to fill the organizational structure is still lacking, of course you can add columns. How: Please click Tab Design then click Add Shape. Then you will see options for adding columns.

  • Add Shape After : To add a new column on the right.
  • Add Shape Before : To add a new column on the left.
  • Add Shape Above : To add a new column at the top.
  • Add Shape Below : To add a new column at the bottom.
  • Add Assistant : To add a new column as assistant.

To add it is very easy, just click on a column in the organizational structure that you have created, then click Add Shape and select the required options. Easy right?

That’s the information I can convey about how to create an organizational structure in Word. Hopefully the reviews above help those of you who are having trouble creating an organizational structure. If the writing above helps you, don’t hesitate to share it. Thank you!