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Complete! How to Make Vertical Writing in Word Easily

Although many people are accustomed to typing using ten fingers on the keyboard, not everyone knows how to make italic or vertical writing in Microsoft Word.

Why do I assume that? This is because most people usually type in normal written form. Then immediately save or print using the printer.

This is only natural, after all the work has also been completed. What do you want to do? Hehe…. So that when faced with a situation that requires vertical writing, most people don’t know it yet.

Therefore, for techno friends who are facing this problem or just learning to write vertical writing in Word. Please refer to the explanation below.

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How to Make Vertical Italic in Word

On this occasion, I am using the 2010 version of Microsoft Word. If you use other versions, you don’t need to worry because there is only a slight difference in appearance. Here are the steps in creating that vertical in Word.

1. Please open the Microsoft Word application.

2. To make vertical writing, please select the menu Insert> Shape then select Text Box like the picture below.

3. Please fill in the text in the Text Box, for example I will write “Italic Writing by

4. There are two ways for the writing to be italicized or vertical, first: you can drag or shift the circle mark to the side (right or left) to make writing like the image below.

5. Second: please select the menu Format> Text Direction, then the writing automatically becomes vertical. Please adjust it according to your needs, this is because there are quite a number of options to choose from. Isn’t it very easy to make writing vertical?

6. Then… for those of you who want to remove the box or edit the box type. To edit the box type, please select the menu Format> Shape Style, choose one of the boxes you like. There are quite a number of options to beautify the box, please develop your own according to your creation. Oh yes, you can choose to remove the box No Outline.

7. You have successfully created vertical writing. Congratulations, bro!

That is the information I can convey about how to make vertical text or writing in Microsoft Word. Apparently, not something difficult, huh? It’s just that because it’s rarely used makes it look difficult.

If the writing above helps you in solving problems, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. That’s all and thank you for reading this guide to the end.