Coral Island, a Harvest Moon-like Life Simulation Game

Coral Island, a Harvest Moon-like Life Simulation Game

If you like farming games with the simulation genre on PC, then Coral Island can be your best choice for playing. Bringing a new adventure on an island, Coral Island is currently being developed by an original Indonesian developer, Stairway Games. You will find fun things in this gardening game here, from farming, building to making a relationship.

Too ordinary? Wait until you see the gameplay of this game. You will find an animated game with an aesthetic touch. This game is still in the development stage and all the details in it will be progressing until its release time. But from what has been seen so far, the Coral Island game seems extraordinary and there shouldn’t be much change because Kabar Games really likes it.

Make Coral Island Your Home!

You will start the game on a coral island and a piece of land. Armed with the five hundred gold that you get when you first play, you can start a new life by farming. Start getting to know the locals and developing your farm so you can help the development of the local community. Do your best to create an extraordinary ecosystem to be able to survive all season.

After you live and socialize with the locals, you can start a relationship and think further to build a household. If you feel that your life in farming has not improved as expected, you can start adding gold and gems to upgrade farming tools so that your farm can become better.

There are more than 40 other islands that you will encounter throughout the game and of course you can interact with the people on the island. How you behave with each of the islanders will determine how your character grows. Will you become an evil character and make all the residents hate you, or on the contrary, you often give gifts and praise so that the villagers love you.

Interesting Features in Coral Island

When you start building your life in this game, there will be many things that will keep you from leaving the front of the PC screen. You will really live life on the island with all the interesting and challenging things in it.

There are many cool features that you can find throughout the game. The following is a glimpse of the features that you will encounter so far. Henceforth, Stairway Games will continue to develop various other main features that will make this game even more difficult to ignore.

Cool Animations


This is the main feature that is most sought after when playing simulation games, because animation is one of the features that determines whether you stay for a long time playing or not. As far as Kabar Games has observed, the animations that you will encounter throughout this game really spoil the eyes with very smooth character movements. The camera movement for zoom in and zoom out is also quite good.

Unique Character Design

coral island character

Not much that can be found from the characters in this game, but from the development of the game developers so far, the character designs in this game are quite satisfying. Do not forget the touch of a typical Indonesian face feels quite thick in this game, considering that this game was also developed by a team from Indonesia.

coral island bird

There is something quite interesting about this character design. In Coral Island, correspondence is sent by a bird with a cute design and you will start the game with a carrier pigeon and then you can unlock other birds that you can use to send letters. This is quite unique because most simulation games still use human characters to send letters.

Vegetable stairway games

In addition, usually the developer of a simulation game will not think too much about the details of the vegetables to be planted. But in Coral Island you won’t find it. The vegetables that you plant here have a very aesthetic design and are quite detailed. So that when you zoom in on the vegetables that are being planted you will get pretty good detail from these vegetables complete with shadow effects so that the game becomes livelier.

Coral Island Game Review


From the updates so far, this game deserves your attention. A simulation game with aesthetic artistic elements and attractive animations throughout the game. The development team is currently working hard to make the game even better, especially in agriculture which is the core of the game.

Until now, Stairway Games hasn’t decided when this Coral Island game will be released, but if you admit to being a gamer then you should support the development of domestic games. Continue to follow the reviews from Kabar Games to get the latest updates about this original Indonesian game!