perbedaan intel dan amd

Difference between Intel and AMD and their strengths and weaknesses, what are they?

For techno friends who want to buy a new laptop, we recommend knowing the differences between Intel and AMD first so that you don’t choose the wrong choice and later regret it later.

Currently, laptops circulating in Indonesia mostly use Intel processors. Even so, in recent years AMD processors have also started to show their fangs in the Indonesian market with various product variants.

For those of you who are still confused about choosing to choose an Intel or AMD processor. You must first know the difference between the two, after that you can compare the advantages and disadvantages.

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The difference between Intel and AMD

Below are some fundamental differences from Intel and AMD processors that greatly affect the performance of your laptop. So you have to really choose the one that suits your needs. Check out our review until the end, friend!

1. Brand Strength

Intel appeared earlier than AMD, as an old player of course Intel is more widely known than AMD. Therefore, the strength of the Intel brand also greatly helps increase sales of its products because people are more familiar with Intel processors.

2. Temperature Management

For temperature management, Intel has the right to be the winner because currently most Intel processors are equipped with technology that allows them to set their own temperature when the temperature of the laptop starts to increase. Of course good temperature management will have a significant impact on the performance of your laptop.

3. Speed

Surely it must be annoying to have a slow laptop? It turns out that the speed of the laptop is greatly influenced by the processor used. In a performance test with two equivalent samples, it turned out that Intel processors were superior to AMD. Although no less bad, Intel is able to run various programs faster.

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4. Multimedia

For multimedia and office needs, Intel may be better than AMD. Images displayed by Intel are always sharper and can be overlocked well.

For techno friends who need better multimedia performance, maybe an Intel processor can be an option. Even so, AMD can still be relied on in terms of multimedia.

5. Game graphics

For gaming and graphics needs, AMD is recognized by many people as better than Intel. When used to play games, the image display on AMD is clearer and does not break.

But unfortunately, not all games are compatible with AMD Processors. Take it easy, the incompatible games are only a small part. And maybe in the future it will be compatible with all games in the world, especially games that are in demand.

6. Viruses

The ability to detect viruses on your AMD processor processor is a consideration for choosing this product. The reason is, currently AMD is equipped with the latest technology that is able to detect viruses before they have time to infect your laptop.

With this capability, the virus will not be able to be processed so that your laptop is safer from damage. This capability is not owned by Intel processors. But we predict that in the future Intel will try to overcome this.

7. Price

After all we explained above about the advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the price still plays an important role for you to buy something.

The price of laptops with Intel processors is always more expensive when compared to AMD. This is because the brand is stronger and also the processor is more expensive.

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From the explanation above, you should already know the fundamental differences between Intel and AMD processors and their advantages and disadvantages. Of course both are equally good, right? It all depends on the budget you want to spend plus your needs. Happy shopping!