Football Manager 2020 can be downloaded & played for free, here's how!

Football Manager 2020 can be downloaded & played for free, here’s how!

In the midst of the outbreak of the corona virus that has hit the world, one of the best soccer games is promoting by making the game free for the next seven days. You can play the Football Manager 2020 game, better known as FM 20, for free starting from March 18 to March 25 2020.

But after seven days, you can still play this game made by SEGA by buying it in full on Steam. On the game download site, FM 2020 is priced at Rp. 449,000. This price can drop at any time if there is a special event that Steam often holds. With the free Football Manager 2020 game, it is hoped that people will not feel bored at home because of the impact of the spread of the corona virus.

How to Download & Play FM 2020 for Free

To be able to play FM 2020 for free is also fairly easy. You only need to create a Steam account then just download the game on that platform. To do this, you only need to search for the Football Manager 2020 game on Steam via this link, then select Play Football Manager at the bottom. Press the green Play Game button. Then Steam will automatically install the FM 20 game. After the installation process is complete, you can play this game.

FM is known as a soccer coach simulation game that can be played on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. However, this free version can only be played on a computer or PC. For those of you who are trying to play FM 20 on an Android phone, you need to buy it for Rp. 129,000 rupiah. Besides that, Kabar Games also has information about the Football Manager 2020 cheat, so it makes you feel more at home right?

Excellence of Football Manager 2020 (FM20)

When compared to FM 19, Football Manager 2020 has many advantages that pamper its players. Here are some of the advantages of FM 20.

Graphics enhancement

One of the advantages of FM 20 which is highly praised by loyal audiences is the significant visual enhancement. The appearance of the characters made looks more realistic. Likewise with the appearance of the club stadium which looks better. Especially in the weather and stadium lighting that feels so real.

A further coaching vision

If usually Football Manager can only make coaching missions for one season, now in FM 20 you can make missions for the next 5 seasons. This means that now the coach can provide a further vision and mission to the club being defended.

Developing young players

FM 20 released a new feature named development center. Where in this feature, you can monitor the development of young players in the academy. That way you can help the FM 2020 wonderkids reach their best potential in your club going forward.

Can impose strict punishment

The new thing that is no less exciting in Football Manager (FM) 2020 is a new feature called Code of conduct. Where you can impose strict penalties on players who do not follow the rules. With this feature, players can better respect the decisions and rules you make.

Even though it’s only free for one week, at least the Football Manager (FM) 2020 game can be a comfort for people who miss the appearance of their favorite club. By playing the FM 20 game for free, activities in the house will become even more exciting. What are you waiting for? Come on, download Football Manager (FM) 2020 right now!