Friv Games: Free & Most Popular Online Games on PC

Friv Games: Free & Most Popular Online Games on PC

The game of Friv has begun to be of interest to gamers in Indonesia since 2011. In 2020, there were not many who played it, but in its era, this game had become a prima donna, especially among children. This Friv game itself is lightweight and available for the PC platform, besides that this popular game can be played online via Facebook as well.

Friv Game which is located at is a collection of free games that offers a large collection that is very easy to play. Since registration is not required, many people have tried the various games on the site and have become increasingly enamored of this colorful and addictive online PC game offering.

What is the Friv Game?

There are many websites today where you can play online games for free. However, the legality and trustworthiness of such websites is always in doubt among parents, and even children themselves. FRIV, Cool Math Games, are some of the most trusted websites where kids can enjoy great time with family. This site is also completely safe.

Many of the light games on this site will be very helpful when you are resting after hours of study or work. The games on the Friv site are also quite relaxing, so that they re-energize the mind. Apart from that, playing games also helps build children’s motor skills as well. Especially, aesthetic appreciation of objects such as characters, food, balls, trees, etc.

Pros of Friv Games

Best online Friv Games games has a very simple interface, designed to make it easier for young gamers to explore its various games. As of January 2017, the site is claimed to have more than 700 free games. There are many categories of games on this site, some of which include adventure games, action games, shooter games, sports games, puzzle games and children’s games.

Unsurprisingly, is very popular with children, teenagers and adults because the games are so easy to use. But many parents also play this game. All games can be accessed from the home page via a small grid on the PC screen, one for each game. You just need to mouse over the game box to see the name of the game, then click on it if you want to play.

Friv Game Network

Games Friv Games online is the main game portal, but many other sites such as or offer the same collection and are included in the Friv game network as well. In Indonesia, there are sites that install Friv Games as a collection of games offered, for example, on the site.

You can see a list of all the most played games on the website. also maintains a variety of popular lists of your favorite game titles, including games for girls, and popular shooting games.

Because there are more than 200 online games available on the Friv games site. And with the tile-like home view where you can only see the game thumbnail / logo, it’s hard to know which game to play. To that end, Kabar Games has compiled a list of the best flash games that can be played by both children and adults. The list includes:

  • Power Pamplona
  • Red Ball
  • Fireboy & Watergirl
  • Sugar Sugar
  • Bad Ice Cream
  • Super Mario

Alternative Friv Game Sites


The site is not the only one that maintains a collection of flash games. There are other sites, and some recommended gaming sites are Raptr and GamerDNA. Before the emergence of smartphones, this flash game was much loved by gamers, because of its entertaining nature and being able to kill free time.

Now that was a discussion about the friv game, which in its day was very popular in Indonesia. This online Friv game is more suitable to be played for real children, but that does not prevent teenage or adult gamers from playing it either. In fact, there are many gamers outside among children who like to play this Friv game.