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How to check genuine or fake Samsung cellphones, so you don’t buy a second cellphone

When you are buying a second Samsung cellphone from someone, there is nothing wrong with making sure that the cellphone you want to buy is really genuine so as not to be fooled by counterfeit goods (replica, kw, and supercopy). For that, you can apply the following simple methods to check for genuine or fake Samsung cellphones which we will review below.

Currently, there are many fake Samsung cellphones in the market at a cheaper price. Not only second hand phones, in several places there are also many new but fake Samsung phones. From the body, appearance, to the same knick-knacks as the original. As a smart user, we are sure you will feel the difference from a fake or genuine Samsung cellphone when used.

However, for those of you who are still confused about how to recognize a Samsung cellphone that is genuine or fake. Please see our review below.

How to check genuine or fake Samsung cellphones

There are several ways to check that original Samsung cellphone or kw. Hopefully this simple method can be useful for those of you who are still confused about recognizing genuine or fake Samsung cellphones.

1. Check the Samsung cellphone with the IMEI Number

IMEI is a unique number that must be owned by every cellphone in the world. IMEI functions as an internationally recognized HP identity. By checking and knowing the IMEI number, on the cellphone, you can be 100% sure that your Samsung cellphone is truly genuine.

There are tons of ways to check the Samsung IMEI number. We’ve reviewed it in a previous post entitled how to check the Samsung IMEI.

2. Check the type of Samsung cellphone

If you already know the IMEI number. You can immediately check the type of Samsung cellphone with the IMEI number. Here are the steps.

  • Open your favorite browser.
  • Then go to the website
  • Then enter the IMEI number and then click Check.
  • Automatically the IMEI website will immediately provide information about the type of Samsung cellphone that you have entered the IMEI number.

You can also check the type of Samsung cellphone via Settings, then select the menu about cell phones. For details, you can read the previous post about how to check the type of Samsung cellphone

After you know the type of cellphone you want to buy, you can match the cellphone owner and ask for the specifications. Let him explain in detail, after that you know he is lying or not because you already know the truth. A very telling trick, right? Hehe

3. Check Samsung cellphones with secret codes

Samsung cellphones have secret codes to check the authenticity of Samsung cellphones that you can access only from genuine Samsung cellphones. Here are the steps.

  • Open the dial pad as you want to make a call or check credit, then type * # 0 * #.
  • Then came up hardware check mode or LCD Test.
  • Then you can select various available features such as touch screen tests, color quality, and so on.

Note: If your cellphone cannot enter the LCD Test menu, it is possible that your cellphone has a problem and even worse, the cellphone is a fake Samsung cellphone. We recommend not buying these Samsung phones. You can also read some samsung secret code in the previous post.

How to Prevent Buying Fake Samsung Cellphones

If you want to buy a new Samsung cellphone, you must buy it at the official store. Because it is certain that the authenticity and quality are guaranteed. Although sometimes the price is a little different from the unofficial shop, the heart will be more comfortable because you can be 100% sure.

But if you don’t want to buy at an official store, you can just buy at another trusted cellphone shop. Well, this is where you can buy the best second Samsung cellphone. We suggest not to buy in buying and selling forums that are widely circulating on social media because fraud often occurs.

However, if you are able to practice the method that we have reviewed above. You can try it and buy it on a second Samsung cellphone. Be a smart buyer, bro!

That’s the information we can convey about how to check for genuine Samsung cellphones or fake versions of the blog technobaik. Hopefully this article can be useful for those of you who are in need of this information. That is all and thank you.