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How to check Samsung cellphone screens normal / damaged easily

Currently you have to be careful about buying a Samsung cellphone, this is because there are already many supercopy smartphones that are very similar to the original. To anticipate this, one of the ways you usually use is to check the Samsung cellphone screen.

The fake or supercopy smartphone does provide a much cheaper price. However, if you are a loyal Samsung mobile user, you will definitely feel a very clear difference. Maybe from the cellphone body it won’t be clear, but about touchscreen comfort, of course, it’s very different.

Worse yet, there are many sellers of these supercopy smartphone phones that sell for the same price as the original price. So that buyers feel that the Samsung smartphone is genuine, even though it is a fake.

To prevent this, you have to be more careful and careful about buying a Samsung cellphone. Maybe you can try with check the Samsung IMEI to check the authenticity of the cellphone or by checking the touchscreen screen which we will discuss below.

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How to Check Samsung Mobile Screen

Here are some steps you can try to check the touchscreen of a Samsung cellphone with a secret code on the dial pad. Check out the reviews until the end, bro!

  • Open the dial pad, then type * # 0 * #.
  • Then came up Samsung hardware checking mode, then you can choose Touch.
  • After that, a white box will appear with small boxes that are interconnected and form a square and a cross.
  • Please connect all the boxes by drawing a line on the boxes provided.
  • If all the boxes are connected, the touchscreen checking menu will automatically close again. Done!

Explanation :

If all the boxes are connected normally, the color of the box will turn green. This means that the touch screen on your Samsung cellphone is still normal. If not, it means the touch screen on your cellphone has a problem.

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You can also use the secret code * # 0 * # to check various hardware devices on your Samsung cellphone. One of them is checking the color quality, sensors, LEDs, and so on.

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Thus the information on how to check a Samsung cellphone screen that is still normal or damaged. Hopefully this information can increase your knowledge and thank you for reading this article until the end.