cara membuat cover makalah di word

How to make a cover paper in Word that is correct and attractive

After finishing writing a paper, usually it is continued by making certain pages or supporting the paper such as a table of contents, covers, attachments, paper covers, and so on. And in this article, I want to share about one of them, namely how to make a paper cover in Word.

Cover is the beginning of a paper that cannot be ignored. This is because a good cover can of course explain briefly that the content is good.

Not only with a cool and attractive design, the most important thing is that the cover you make fulfills the points of making a paper cover. Anything? Check out the points of writing the following paper.

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Points in Paper Cover Making

Before continuing, the cover of the paper usually consists of several main points that you must write. Here’s in full:

  • Title of Paper : Usually it is located at the top with a clear and larger font.
  • Logo : There is a school, university, or organization logo which is usually in the center.
  • Profile : Of course this is mandatory, please write your full name. You can also add the name of the class or department.
  • School / University Name : The bias is written in capital letters and Bold. Especially for universities, please also include the name of the faculty or department.
  • Year : You can also add the year the paper was created.

NB: Although the above are the points for making cover papers that are commonly used. You can still express yourself on the cover of your paper, be it placement, font size, or anything else. Have a good creativity, friend!

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How to make a paper cover in Word

Here’s how to make a paper cover in Microsoft Word the easiest and simplest way. Please see the guide:

1. Please open Microsoft Word, then select Insert.

2. Once on Insert, then select the menu Cover Page which is in the left corner. Then click the arrow so that it displays several paper cover designs that you can choose from. Please select the paper cover template that you like.

3. After that the template appears, you only need to customize the points above such as adding a title, profile name, logo, and so on. Oh yeah, if you have trouble setting a logo or image, first read the guide here: How to Adjust Image Position in Word.

4. Done! The paper cover is ready to print.

That’s the information I can convey about how to make a paper cover. Hopefully the information above helps those of you who are having trouble making a paper cover. That is all and thank you!