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How to track a lost OPPO cellphone with email & in a dead state

You just lost your OPPO cellphone? Whether it’s because it was stolen, dropped, or left behind, or forgot where to put it. Maybe this article can help solve the problem with how to track a lost OPPO cellphone.

Tracking a lost OPPO cellphone is quite easy. OPPO itself has a feature to track cellphones that are named NearMe Find Phone which you can access on the O Cloud service. This feature has a function to find and track lost OPPO cellphones.

However, to use this feature, your OPPO cellphone must use it Color OS version 2.0 and below. Because, on Color OS version 2 and above, this feature is no longer found in the O Cloud service. Too bad, yes!

Take it easy, friend, there are still several ways you can try. For example using Email and Google Maps help. In fact, you can track a lost OPPO cellphone in a dead state. Great!!!

Oh yes, for you Android smartphone users with other brands, you can read our writing about how to track a lost cellphone by email, track lost cellphone with IMEI, and track lost HP in a dead state. Hopefully this article can help techno friends who are in need of this information.

How to track a lost OPPO cellphone

There are 2 ways you can use to track a lost OPPO cellphone, you can choose one of the easiest ways you can do. Good luck finding your favorite OPPO cellphone!

1. Tracking a Lost OPPO HP by Email

The first way you can use to track a lost OPPO cellphone is to use an email from Google (Gmail). Here are the steps.

  • Open another smartphone to track down the lost OPPO cellphone.
  • Then open your favorite browser (it can be Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).
  • Open the site Find My Device / Google Find My Device. Please click here.
  • Next login using your gmail account. Oh yes, this Gmail account must be connected or still logged in to the lost OPPO cellphone.
  • Wait a few minutes for the process to appear and the system will automatically display a map and location complete with information on the connected device.
  • Done, you can immediately search for it to the location shown.

Features available Find My Device to track a lost OPPO cellphone is quite complete. For example Voice Play feature which works, the OPPO cellphone will ring for 5 minutes and is very useful if you are near the location of the cellphone.

Then there is Device Secure Feature which works if the cellphone cannot be found, you can lock it so that other people can’t open it.

Next there is Device Erase Feature which functions to erase all data on lost OPPO cellphones. You can use this feature if you are afraid that important data is misused by irresponsible people.

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2.How to track a lost OPPO cellphone in a dead state

Even though the lost OPPO cellphone is completely dead, you can still track it down. Here are the steps.

  • Open a Gmail account that is already connected to a lost OPPO cellphone on another smartphone.
  • After entering your Gmail account, please open Google Maps.
  • Then you can select the menu Timeline. It is worth remembering that this Timeline functions to view the location history of the lost OPPO smartphone. So, Timeline will record the last location when the phone was still on. So, even though it’s dead you can still track it at the last location.
  • After you click Timeline, you can see the last location information before your OPPO cellphone died completely.

Thus the information on how to track a lost version of an OPPO cellphone Teknobaik. For those of you who are currently using an OPPO cellphone or other Android phone, it’s a good idea to start connecting to your Gmail account on your smartphone. If a loss occurs, it will be easier to trace it. That is all and thank you!