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It worked! How to Download Cool and Free Xiaomi Themes easily

How to Download Cool and Free Xiaomi Themes – As a cellphone that you use every day, of course you will feel bored when you see the display on the same Xiaomi cellphone. One of the right solutions to overcome boredom is by changing the theme on your Xiaomi cellphone.

But unfortunately, there are still many Xiaomi users who don’t know how to download and apply it to their Xiaomi cellphone. In fact, it’s very easy, because Xiaomi itself has provided a default application that can be used to download and change themes.

In the Xiaomi Themes application or Mi Themes, there are hundreds to thousands of themes that you can download for free from various categories. Starting from cool themes with the concept of nature, mountains, flowers, anime, moving themes, and themes like Iphone and Samsung are also available. Really complete!

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How to Download Xiaomi Themes

Usually the Mi Themes application is installed automatically when you buy a Xiaomi cellphone. It may not be lost or deleted, because this application cannot be deleted. Please look for the Mi Themes / Xiaomi Themes application first. If you have found it, let’s follow a few steps to download a cool xiaomi theme that suits your character.

  • Open the Themes Application Mi Themes / Xiaomi Themes.
  • Then you can find a theme that you like, maybe you can find it through the menu Categories.
  • If there is no match, maybe you can write it in the search field. For example, if you like One Piece or Naruto anime, you can type in the search field. If you like the iPhone and Samsung theme, you can type the word in the search field.
  • In writing this post, we want to find Xiaomi themes with Avengers Movie characters. After clicking on the search field, several themes with Avengers Movie characters will appear. Please click the theme that you like.
  • After entering the theme you choose, before you download it, it’s a good idea to pay attention to ratings and comments. Incidentally, the theme we chose has a very good rating of 5.0 and 154 positive comments. Perfect!
  • If the rating is good, please download the theme by clicking Free download and wait a few minutes for the download process to complete.
  • If it has been downloaded, just click it Apply and a few minutes later the theme on your Xiaomi phone will change to the theme you choose. Done!

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The above is the easiest method you can use to download and change themes on Xiaomi phones. There are lots of themes and wallpapers that you can download for free on the application.

Out there, there are lots of articles on how to download and change themes on Xiaomi phones. We just remind you to always be vigilant because the themes out there are not the responsibility of Xiaomi, which means that these themes cannot be trusted 100% because they may contain viruses or other unwanted things. To be safe, the method above is the safest and easiest.

That’s the information about how to download the cool and free xiaomi theme from the Indonesian technology blog. Hopefully this information can be useful and we thank you for reading until the end.