Officially Opened, Steam Summer Sale 2020 Offers 85% Discount

Officially Opened, Steam Summer Sale 2020 Offers 85% Discount

After previously experiencing delays, Steam Summer Sale 2020 finally officially opened on Friday, June 26 yesterday. In this annual event, Steam as a service provider for distribution or sales of digital format games provides discounts or discounts of up to 85%.

Of course this is a moment that PC game lovers have been waiting for. So what PC games get a discount? Does this discount apply to all types of games? Based on the information obtained, Steam not only provides discounts for indie games, but also AAA class games.

List of Games that Get a Discount

The amount of discount given is quite varied, ranging from 30% to 85%. For example, the Resident Evil 3 game, which usually sells for Rp. 824 thousand, now after being discounted it only becomes Rp. 544 thousand. Then there is the Borderland 3 game which was previously valued at Rp. 555 thousand, now after being discounted it is only valued at Rp. 277 thousand.

Meanwhile, other AAA games that also received a large discount portion were Red Dead Redemption II and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Where outside this game event is sold for IDR 640 thousand and IDR 729 thousand. However, when the Steam Summer Sale 2020 took place, these two games were sold at Rp. 512 thousand and Rp. 473 thousand. In addition to the games mentioned above, here are some popular games that got a hefty discount at the Steam Summer Sale 2020 event, including:

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order IDR 424 thousand, down from IDR 849 thousand
  • Devil May Cry 5 IDR 159 thousand, down from IDR 319 thousand
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Rp. 185 thousand, down from Rp. 370 thousand
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Rp.70 thousand, down from Rp.235 thousand
  • Hello: The Master Chief Collection IDR 135 thousand, down from IDR 169 thousand.
  • Doom Eternal Rp. 399 thousand, down from Rp. 799 thousand

Not only giving discounts, but at an event that is routinely held every year, Steam also presents a new feature called Point Shop. With this feature, every buyer who successfully makes a transaction on Steam will get points that can be collected to shop at the Point Shop.

During the event, Steam will also provide one free striker to logged-in users. This sticker can be used to claim a number of bonuses. Another interesting offer given by Steam at this event is a discount of IDR 25 thousand for every transaction that reaches IDR 150 thousand. Later, this discount will be given when the user checkout in the shopping cart.

Game Purchases Are Subject to 10% Tax

Starting July 1, 2020, Steam will impose a tax of 10% for every game purchase. Apart from Indonesia, this policy also applies to other countries such as Germany and Saudi Arabia. Of the three countries, Indonesia is among the lowest. This is because Germany is subject to a tax of 19%, while Saudi Arabia is at 15%.

This policy is in line with the Minister of Finance Regulation PMK Number 48 / PMK.03 / 2020. In which it regulates the subscription service for streaming movies, music, and games, Value Added Tax will be collected. This means that any digital goods or services originating from foreign countries or customs areas receive the same treatment as physical goods. However, this does not apply to gamers who make purchases using Steam Vouchers. Because the voucher has been added to the tax value.

Shopping Tips for Steam Summer Sale 2020

Shopping Tips for Steam Summer Sale 2020

For PC game lovers, Steam Summer Sale 2020 is of course a highly anticipated event. Reflecting on the past, there will be lots of games that will be labeled a discount by Steam. Even though it offers many discounts, before you regret it, you are confused about shopping. It’s good if you listen to tips on taking advantage of the discounted prices offered at the following Steam Summer Sale 2020:

Find out the date the event took place

Don’t be in a rush to buy games, because the annual Steam Summer Sale 2020 event will take a long time, starting from June 26 to July 10. You can use this long time to find out what games you want on the first and second day.

Take advantage of the wishlist

After you have successfully selected and sorted out which games you want to buy. You can add the games to your wishlist. The goal is so that you can compare these games with one another. Then choose the game you really want to play

Limit budget with Steam Wallet

In order not to overdo it, set the budget you have and don’t exceed that budget. Also, try not to buy PC games using a credit card. Instead, you can take advantage of the Steam Wallet. Last but not least, refrain from the seduction of a discount!

Check SteamDB

As a third party, SteamDB will provide information regarding which games get a complete discount at their price. Here you can choose games with the biggest discounts that you didn’t know before.

Check the Bundle

Usually during the event, several publishers will offer bundling packages. Although the games in the bundling package can be purchased separately, if you buy this package you will get an additional 20% discount.

Check Customer Reviews

Before you spend some money, make sure you read reviews from gamers who have bought it first. If the review is good, please buy. But if the review is bad, you should reconsider.

Don’t Checkout per Game

After you choose the game you want to buy, collect the best games in the basket before checkout. Make sure your total payment has reached IDR 150.

Have you prepared a special budget to buy various games that are currently being discounted at the Steam Summer Sale 2020 event? Given the limited time, don’t let this event just miss gamers. But remember, shop properly and don’t regret it tomorrow. For those of you who don’t want to miss the latest and updated news about games, anime, gadgets and other Esports, stay tuned to Kabar Games.