Riot Banned Permanently Hundreds of Valorant Cheaters After Global Release!

Riot Banned Permanently Hundreds of Valorant Cheaters After Global Release!

After being released globally some time ago, Riot Games returned to permanently ban hundreds of cheaters who tried to destroy the Valorant game. The cheaters managed to break into Vanguard, which is a security system installed by Riot Games with various illegal programs.

Riot has also taken firm steps, via his Twitter account, CEO of Riot Games, Nicola Laurent, answering a question from a player who questioned why he was banned. Even though Riot has promised to give a second chance to cheaters who have been blocked during the beta period.

Initially, the player admitted that he was happy because he would be given another chance to play the Valorant game. However, when he tried to create a new account, he found himself still being banned by Riot Games.
Responding to this question, in his tweet, Nicola said that his party would not give the cheaters a second chance.

“Sorry, there are no second chances for players who cheat in the game of Valorant.”

As is known, Riot has said that his party will never play with cheating players. Even his party has declared war on the cheaters. Sure enough, getting banned by Riot is somewhat sadistic. Why not, not only blocking accounts, Riot even blocks hardware players who are caught using cheats.

In other words, apart from creating a new account, the anti-cheat system provided by Riot requires players who have been banned to replace their hardware (PC) if they still want to play Valorant.

“Most of these accounts are also banned in hardware terms, which means we track them and give bans continuously even if they try to log into the game using fake accounts”

“The prohibition on cheating in VALORANT is intended to prevent cheaters from playing VALORANT. If you could create another account, it wouldn’t really be a consequence, it would just be troublesome, ”he said.

Previously, before it was officially released or to be precise during the beta period, Riot managed to freeze the accounts of players caught using banned programs such as Wallhacks and AIM Hacks. At that time, Riot Games programmer and anti-cheat division Paul Chamberlain claimed that the case would be Valorant’s last.

Paul even bragged that his game would not be accessible to cheaters. Unfortunately, the reality says otherwise, Riot has to face cheater attacks that can easily penetrate Vanguard as a security system that is claimed to be anti-cheat. Riot finally opened the competition by giving a 1.5M prize for the inventor of the Vanguard anti-cheat Valorant bug!

Apart from the problem of cheaters, Riot is also busy with changing the ranked name in the Valorant game. Previously, the lowest rank started with Iron, then Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and the highest ranked, namely Valorant. So, Riot plans to change the name of the top ranked. According to Riot, this was done so that in the future players would not confuse the same naming as the name of the FPS game.

“We are aware of this. Therefore, the Riot team will change Valorant’s rank when the game is launched on June 2, ”said Valorant’s senior designer, Sean Szopinski, as quoted from Polygon, Friday (29/5/2020).

Riot’s journey to clean cheaters from Valorant is still very long. This figure will of course increase as the number of Valorant players increases in the future. Moreover, the appearance of Valorant has eroded the popularity of CS: GO, which has replaced millions of players.

You could say that cheaters are like mushrooms in the rainy season, every time there is a new game there is a cheater ready to breed. Let’s just pray that Riot can really create a security system that rogue players can’t easily penetrate.

Most importantly, don’t even think about cheating for instant gain, gamers. If you meet a cheater in the game, don’t hesitate to report it so the publisher can block them immediately.

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