The Latest & Most Complete Bully PC, PS2, Xbox 360 Cheat in 2020

The Latest & Most Complete Bully PC, PS2, Xbox 360 Cheat in 2020

Talking about a game that is truly a legend that leaves an impression on the hearts of gamers it won’t be complete if you don’t talk about Bully, which was originally released on PS2 and continued with the Bully Scholarship Edition on PC and XBox 360.This game with the open world genre can be said to be one of the best throughout period. If you want to be nostalgic and want to play again, now is the right time to use cheats so you can be the best in this Bully Scholarship Edition game.

The good news is that Rockstar, who is also a GTA V developer, is working on Bully 2, which will soon be released on PC and other new consoles. While waiting for Bully 2 to be released, you can focus on completing the mission and have fun using the Scholarship Edition bully cheat / cit which you can try on PS2, PC or XBox 360.

Bully Game Trailer

Actually there is no significant difference between Bully which was released on the PS2 and Bully Scholarship Edition, only improvements in terms of HD graphics and the addition of 4 classes that Jimmy can enter for PC and XBox 360. The rest is nothing different from the PS2 version with a story-centered theme on the main character Jimmy who is a naughty teenager who has been kicked out many times by his old school.

Jimmy started his new adventure at Bulworth Academy after being entered by his adoptive parents and had to complete several missions including defeating the gang leader at Bulworth Academy. In total, there are 68 missions from 5 chapters that you must complete to save Bulworth Academy from Garry’s evil plans.

How to Activate Cheat Bully

In order for you to use the city, you must first activate it so you can enter the game cheat code. Between PC, PS2 and XBox 360 different ways to activate. As for the achievement, you don’t need to activate it because you will automatically get it after you complete the missions that have been provided in the game.

Game Console How to Enable Bully Cheat
PS2 Use the stick in slot 2
PC Press [Alt] + [Tab] while in the game
XBox 360 Use the stick in slot 2

PS2 Bully Cheat

PS2 Bully Cheat Effect Cheat Code
Get all the clothes L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, L1, R1, R1
Mastering all Gym moves Hold L1 + up, left, down, down, triangle, square, X, X
Mastering all styles Hold L1 + R2, R2, R2
Get a weapon Hold L1 + up, up, up, up
Unlimited bullets Hold L1 + up, down, up, down
Unlimited money Hold L1 + triangle, square, round, X
Maximum bullets Hold L1 + up, up

Bully Scholarship Edition PC Cheat

Bully Scholarship Edition PC Cheat Effect Cheat Code
Get all weapons ERASFG
Maximum Blood ISKELOF
Never got caught VWIHDG
Everyone has firecrackers DFQSBR
Super punch ERSGJR
Get all girls DFGLAF
Make friends with everyone PALSGZ

Xbox 360 Bully Cheats

XBOX 360 Bully Cheat Effects Cheat Code
Mastering all Gym moves Hold LB + up, left, down, down, Y, X, A, A
Mastering all styles Hold LB + up, left, down, right, Y, X, A, B
Get a weapon Hold LB + up, up, up, up (DPAD)
Unlimited bullets Hold LB + up, down, up, down
Unlimited money Hold LB + Y, X, B, A
Maximum bullets Hold LB + X, X, X
Maximum blood Hold LB + RT, RT, RT

Bonus Achievement Bully Scholarship Edition

bonus bully game

In Bully you can get various bonus achievements in the form of items, bonus lives, fighting techniques and much more. However, there is a slight difference between Bully which was released on PS2 and Bully: Scholarship Edition, which is an additional 4 classes that Jimmy can enter in the Bully: Scholarship Edition, namely Mathematics, Music, Geography and Biology. The following are the achievement bonuses that you can get when completing each class.

Biology Class

Rankings Achievement Bonus
Biology 1 Getting the ‘Muscle’ shirt
Biology 2 Get HAZMAT headwear
Biology 3 Get a bass cap
Biology 4 Get an alien suit
Biology 5 Get a pig’s head hat

Chemical Class

Rankings Achievement Bonus
Chemistry 1 The technique of making firecrackers
Chemistry 2 The technique of making a stink bomb
Chemistry 3 The technique of making itching powder
Chemistry 4 Chemical weapons sets are all available in Jimmy’s room for 1 day
Chemistry 5 Chemical weapons sets are all available in Jimmy’s room indefinitely

Art Class

Rankings Achievement Bonus
Art 1 Extra life 25%
Art 2 Extra life 50%
Art 3 Extra life 75%
Art 4 Extra life 100%
Art 5 No need to give gifts when kissing

Music Class

Rankings Achievement Bonus
Music 1 (Turkey in The Straw) Get clothes that say “Pink Keyboard”
Music 2 (Masterpiece Fanfare) Get the “Bullworth Band” shirt
Music 3 (She’ll be coming ‘Round The Mountain) Get a pajama patterned musical notation
Music 4 (Liberty Bell March) Get a Marching Band outfit
Music 5 (The Washington Post March) Get a rock musician outfit and a cowbell trophy

English class

Rankings Achievement Bonus
English 1 Apology improves
English 2 The ability to taunt increased
English 3 The ability to apologize to Prefects increases
English 4 The ability to taunt bullies improves
English 5 New ability to apologize to the police
Rankings Answer key
English 1 -low, mew, elm, mow, woe, owe, owl
-mewl, mole, meow, moll, well
English 2 -sit, its, fit, fig, ifs, his, hit
-gift, sift, fish, figs, fist, hits, sigh, fits, this, gist
-shift, gifts, fight, sight
English 3 -lei, mi, lie, elm
-slim, leis, miss, mess, semi, isle, less, lime, mile, elms, lies, mise
-seism, slims, miles, limes, smile, slime, isles
-smiles, slimes
English 4 -nay, yon, cry, ran, con, rya, nor, ray, arc, oar, any, cay, car, coy, can
-yarn, cran, nary, orca, roan, racy, cyan, narc, cony, corn
-rayon, corny, acorn, carny, crony
English 5 -egg, rag, rad, age, red, gag, erg, gar, dag, are, era, ear, gad
-egad, dear, gage, rage, drag, read, dare, grad, gear, dreg, aged
-gager, agger, raged, grade
-ragged, dagger

Workshop Class

Rankings Achievement Bonus
Workshop 1 Get a blue-yellow bike
Workshop 2 Get a yellow bike
Workshop 3 Get a green bike
Workshop 4 Get a blue-and-white bike
Workshop 5 Get a red bike (fastest)

Photography Class

Rankings Achievement Bonus
Photography 1 Get a photo album
Photography 2 Get a yearbook
Photography 3 Extra photo album page
Photography 4 Digital camera
Photography 5 2 carnival tickets

Math Class

Rankings Achievement Bonus
Math 1 Getting “Genius”
Math 2 Get a shirt with the words “1 <3 Math"
Math 3 Get a t-shirt that says “Shut your pi-hole”
Math 4 Get a t-shirt with the words “Hip to be square”
Math 5 Get nerds clothes

Gym Class

Rankings Achievement Bonus
Gym 1 Learn headbutt technique + 3 combo hits
Gym 2 Improved weapon accuracy
Gym 3 Learn the knee down + headgear technique
Gym 4 Improved weapon accuracy
Gym 5 Maximum weapon accuracy

Geography Class

Rankings Achievement Bonus
Geography 1 Get the eiffel tower hat
Geography 2 Get all racing clothes + rubber tire locations marked
Geography 3 Get panda outfit + G&G card location marked
Geography 4 Get white cap + transistor location marked
Geography 5 Get explorer outfit + Globe trophy + Gnome location marked (fastest)

Bonus Items

No. Goods How to get
1 Green ninja costume Shoots precisely 1,000 targets
2 Gnome costume Destroy all the gnomes in the garden
3 Bicycle helmet Successfully win at least one BMX bike race
4 Short bicycle Ride by bicycle for 100 km
5 Boxing costume Successfully complete the boxing challenge in Chapter 2
6 Thief’s mask You can find it in the Halloween wardrobe
7 Black skates Walk at least 50 km
8 BMX champion costume Successfully complete all BMX bike races
9 The “Fool” hat Fail in three consecutive classes (random)
10 Kart Helmet Win a karting race at the carnival
11 Christmas Deer Sweater Be present at the school office during the winter season
12 Edna’s mask Destroy all nineteen tombstones on the map
13 Graduation hat Successful completion of all classes in all subjects
14 Fire helmet Successfully completed 20 fire cases
15 Fast food restaurant costume Successfully complete all jobs at the Bullworth Burger Restaurant
16 Gold Costume Buy all clothes
17 Gokar’s car Successfully win all karting races
18 Black ninja costume Successfully completed the annual album book
19 Black cowboy hat Giving money to vagrants or beggars in the city of Bullworth
20 Prefect Uniform Successfully complete the “Finding Johnny Vincent” mission in Chapter 5
21 Incognito hat Successfully complete near 21st mission City Hall (Town Hall)
22 Halloween skull costume Successfully complete the mission “The Candidate”
23 Cave Master’s clothes Successfully collected all G&G cards
24 Pirate hat Defeat all the pirates on the island near the house
25 Prisoner’s uniform Successfully complete all “Prisoners” mini-games
26 School mascot costume Successfully complete the “Nice Outfit” mission in Chapter 4
27 Red ninja costume Successfully complete all “Big Prank Halloween” missions during the campaign
28 Rubber band balls Collect 75 rubber bands
29 Pumpkin head hat Destroy the 27 pumpkins around and in the main school building
30 Soda hat Drink 500 cans of soda
31 Swimsuit Find and beat up a Preppie at his house
32 Viking helmet Get all collectibles
33 Yellow ninja costume Meng-knock out 1,000 opponents
34 Wrestling clothes Complete the first Gym class
35 The werewolf mask You can find it in a locked school locker

Well, that’s a complete list of the latest Bully Scholarship Edition cheats / citations for the PS2, XBox 360 and PC consoles, complete along with tips for using them in the game. What cheat / cheat combination should you use in the game? Let’s share in the comments column below if you find a Bully cheat / cit that isn’t in this article so the game will be even more exciting! Wait for the latest news on games and other gadgets only at Kabar Games!