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The most accurate way to check OPPO IMEI for all types !!!

Although one of the well-known brands in Indonesia. There are still many users who are wondering about how to check the OPPO IMEI. Are you one of them? Relax, we will review everything in full below.

Oh yes, there are lots of benefits that you can feel when you know the IMEI number. One of the most frequently used is when you want to buy an OPPO cellphone second, by knowing the IMEI number you can be 100% sure that the cellphone you want to buy is really genuine and not a fake or unofficial cellphone. Black Market.

You just lost your android phone? Maybe this information about how to track your cellphone with IMEI can help you.

How to Check OPPO IMEI (All Types)

Of course there are several ways you can check the IMEI on an OPPO smartphone. Check out our review until the end, OK!

1. Check the OPPO HP box

When you want to buy an OPPO cellphone, you will definitely get a dusbook which contains a user manual, charger, headset, and various other information such as the IMEI number.

If you buy a second cellphone, you must ask the dusbook box so that it is easier for you to find out and check the IMEI number. If it turns out to be lost, you can check the OPPO IMEI in the various ways below.

2. Check the HP Body

The next easiest way to find out the IMEI number is to check the cellphone body. When you buy a new cellphone, you will usually get several stickers attached to the cellphone body. Inside the sticker is various product information, one of which is the IMEI number.

If when you want to buy an OPPO cellphone secondarily and the sticker is gone. You can open the case, because usually the IMEI number is also found on the inner body attached to the battery.

3. Check with the code * # 60 #

The next way to check the IMEI OPPO is to use a secret code that you can type on the dial pad. It’s easy, please tap on call, then type code * # 60 #. After that, the OPPO IMEI number will automatically appear.

This secret code * # 60 # can also be used to check the IMEI number on all Android-based smartphones. For example, Samsung, Xiaomi, and so on. We have also reviewed it on this blog with the title How to Check Xiaomi IMEI and How to Check Samsung’s IMEI.

4. Via the Settings Menu

Besides being used to manage various things, you can also use the settings menu to check the OPPO IMEI. Here are the steps.

  • Open the menu Settings / Settings.
  • Then you choose About Phone / About Phone.
  • After that you choose Status and various information about OPPO HP appears, of course the IMEI number also appears in the Status menu.

5. Check the IMEI OPPO with additional applications

The last way you can use to check the OPPO IMEI is to use a third-party application. Currently there are many applications that can help you check the IMEI OPPO.

Please download the application first on the Google Play Store. Choose apps that have good ratings and reviews. Also, of course, choose a lightweight and free application.

That is the information about how to check OPPO IMEI for all types. Hopefully this information can be useful for you loyal readers of this Indonesian technology site. Thank you!